Medical Clinic #2

We had a lower key morning on Sunday.  We packed a few more meds, had quiet time, played a great game of Peanuts, took showers because their was no water on Saturday night when we got back, and Erin led devotions for us.  We had lasagna for lunch and left the base for our med clinic at about 1:30.  It was about 1 1/2 hours of a drive, with a very winding road to travel.  We came upon the village high on the hillside.  There were lots of people waiting when we got there.  Many more came once they saw us.  We set up all of our stuff in their school.  We got a soccer game going.  The score was Guatemala 5, USA 2.  More people handed out stuffed animals, beads, bubbles, and Dale made another 75 animal balloons.  They were a very orderly crowd, as they stood in line to get their things.  We served 40 families at the clinic, many who were quite ill.  It started to rain during the showing of the Jesus film but we could all be under a little roof.  We sang Mighty to Save in English, then The Air We Breathe in Spanish, gave three testimonies, and sang In Christ Alone in English.  Hermano Jesus gave an excellent, lively messge that drew the people in.  There were lots of AMEN’s heard!  At the altar call, many people came forward, including lots of men, which is a huge blessing.  Men often do not come forward because of the macho men figure mentality that is very prevelant in Guatemala.  The ride home could have been crazybecause of the rain but it was uneventful.  There were many bumps in the road because of the rain, but no flooding.  We arrived at the base late but safe.   About twelve people hiked to the waterfall on monday morning.  We will head to town about 9:30, then to la Bendicion after that.  There will probably be no more contact until we arrive home.  Keep praying the next 5 days for the building and the homes we will dedicate.


Medical Clinic #1

Saturday morning started with the bagging and labeling lots of medications!  We must have done 1000 vitamins:)  While we were doing that, some male figures worked on making some bunk beds, put on locks on the bathroom stall doors, and shower hooks.  All of those things are very helpful!  We packed 215 bags of rice, beans and grout (wheat) to take to the medical clinic with us. That took us to mid-morning!  There was a little boy who came to the clinic in the morning at the base that had been burned by hot food.  Tammy and Joan and Erin cleaned his 2nd degree burns, dressed them, and gave them instructions on how to keep it from being infected.  Devotions and lunch happened after that.  We left here about 12:30 to head out to the clinic.  We made it up the big hill and maybe a half mile before the red van began to hiss.  No ordinary hissing coming from the red van; we thought it was Alex at first but it turned out to be the left rear tire.  We got it changed and moved forward.  At the clinic, we set up the medicines in a classroom of the school.  The area to play in was covered and cement floor.  The team played soccer, duck, duck, goose, parachute, singing, and basketball with the children of the village.  We also handed out beanie babies, crayons, coloring pages, tons of candy and lots of other little toys.  The knit baby hats were so cute on the little babies of the village.  It was a great experience and gave us time to build relationships  with the kids in the village.  We ended the clinic and started the Jesus film.  The people sat in desks from the school and watched the film.  After the film, we sang and Dale and Larry gave their testimonies.  Then Hermano Jesus preached a powerful message.  When the altar call was made, 80-90% of the people came forward.  It was amazing!  There were just a ton of kids that came forward too!  We handed out bags of rice, beans and grout to the people who had been in the medical clinic.  The vans were packed and we headed out in the rain.  The trip home was uneventful.  Back at the base, we attempted to shower (the water ran out) and headed to bed.  Keep praying as we head to another clinic today.  God bless you.  The H Team:)

We are here!

The team has arrived safetly in Guatemala.  We had a difficult time at the airport; they searched all of the suitcases and took all of our medicine!  Dan is working on getting it back – please pray that we will be able to get them back soon!  Tomorrow we are off to our first medical clinic.  Keep looking for updates!

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